Factors Affecting Clothing Selection

At the time of dress designing and making, it is very important to select a suitable fabric. There are various kinds of fabric available in the market for different end uses. Various types of clothes are required by people for different purposes like – uniform, casual wear, wedding wear, festive garments, infant wear, etc. and many more.

So, for all these different types of clothes, there is a requirement of the selection of particular fabric, that can be suitable and it fulfils its objective behind making the clothes. The selection of clothes depends on various factors and it is also influenced by various factors too.

The cloth is textile material, either natural or man-made. It is made up of fibers and yarns. Fibers are twisted or spun to make yarns. Yarns together are either woven/knitted in a long fabric, or they are arranged into a web and glued together or heat pressed to make non-woven fabric. Different fabrics and clothes have different properties. The selection of cloth depends upon its end-use of it.

Selection of Clothes for Different End Uses

Clothes are used for the primary purpose of covering and protecting the body. The selection of clothes depends upon its end-use. The application of clothing varies according to different people, work, requirements, and situations. So, the clothing selection should be according to its final application and end-use of it.

The clothing selection requirements are different for different age groups. In the case of infants, the clothes should be soft, soothing and ones which dry up easily. The clothes for the toddlers should be colourful, eye-catching and durable. For teenagers, it should be creative and new-fashioned. The adults prefer simple, elegant and sober clothes. The clothes for old age people should be comfortable, soft, easily washable, etc. The people of different age groups have different requirements for clothing, so the selection of it is based on it too.

Different work environments and working conditions can be seen at different workplaces. So, it requires having a unique and different dress code and uniform for various jobs. For example, a uniform for the army man should be durable and strong enough to protect. A lawyer’s dress code at the court is in black and white as per the norms. A chef wears a long jacket and pants, an apron with a white hat.

The clothing selections for different occasions and festivals are also different. At the time of the wedding, the clothing choices are more of ethnic wear with embroidery work and bright colours. At the time of the festival celebration, the clothes selected by people are more traditional, eyecatching and colourful, etc.

Thus, the clothing selection depends on its end-use and as per the different application requirements of people. Various factors are there that affect the selection of clothing.

Factors Affecting Clothing Selection

Clothing is one of the basic needs of human beings. It is necessary to wear clothes according to the occasion, profession, weather, etc. The clothing style of a person reflects the choice, image, and personality of a wearer. To select suitable and desirable clothes depends upon various factors. Several factors affect the clothing selection of a person. The factors influencing clothing selection are described below.

Social Factor

Society plays a vital role in human being’s life. Several factors affect and influence personality, behaviour, choice, selection, thought process, and many more things. When it comes to the part of clothing selection, it is also not an exceptional case. Various social factors that affect the clothing selection of a person are given below.

  • Family
  • Reference group
  • Place where a person lives (urban or rural)
  • Cultural background
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Occasion
  • Occupation


Family plays a very important role in shaping the personality, behaviour, and choice of a person. It is the main environment wherein the person evolves and learns many things and acquires values. So, the family and family members affect the choice and selection of clothing of a person.

Reference Group

Some people usually seek aid for taking various decisions or usually follow someone’s choices and preferences. The reference group includes people like – family members, co-workers, friends, teachers, peers, celebrities, sports heroes, political leaders, etc. The choice for selection of clothing of a person can depend on the reference group.

Place where a person lives (urban or rural)

The clothing selection is greatly influenced by the area and place where a person lives. It can be an urban place or a rural area. The choice of a person who lives in an urban place is more cosmopolitan because of multi-cultural interaction between the various parts of society, awareness about the latest trends and styles in fashion, accessibility, etc. On the other hand, the choice of clothing in a rural area is more affected by regional factors.

Cultural background

The cultural background of a person influences the clothing selection at large. India is a nation with a rich culture and various sub-cultures in different states and regions can be seen. Different cultures have different preferences, styles of clothing, food, etc. The cultural background and upbringing of a person influence clothing selection.


We are living in a modern era, where people do not believe in gender biases. Yet, when it comes to the part of clothes, people still feel comfortable maintaining a difference between males and females. There are various types of beautiful and fashionable garment ranges available to people.


The selection of clothing depends on the occasion. Generally, people select clothes as per the situation and requirement of an occasion. Different types of clothes should be worn on different occasions like – weddings, festival celebrations, school, office, vacation, travelling, etc.


The occupation affects the choice and selection of clothing of people. Different occupations have their separate uniforms and articles of clothing like – a doctor, nurse, lawyer, judge, teacher, policeman, army man, etc.

Economic Factor

Economic factor plays a very crucial role in the selection and buying of clothing articles. Money is the main factor through which one can buy products and services. Several economic factors like income, savings, purchasing power, socio-economic condition, economic status of an individual, availability of things, etc. influence the selection of clothing articles.

Socio-economic condition

The economic condition of the society reflects in the selection and purchasing patterns of the people. High growth in socio-economic conditions leads to more income, savings, and more purchasing power to the people. On the other hand, the slow growth of economic conditions in society leads towards low income, fewer savings, and less purchasing power to the people.


Income is a major economic factor that directly influences the choice and selection of garments. Generally, people from the high-income group can spend more money on expensive and fashionable garments compared to the low-income group. The people from the low-income group prefer durable and low priced garments.

Economic status

Economic status affects the selection of garments of the people. A person with high economic status can afford and buy exclusively designed and expensive garments that suit his/her economic status.

Environmental Factor

Environmental factors play a very crucial role in the selection of clothing. The clothes are a primary need of a human being to protect the body from climatic conditions. Various environmental factors that affect the choice of clothing are given below.


Different places have different climatic conditions. Generally, the climate changes as per the season and the selection of clothing depends on it. The clothes should be worn according to the season and weather to protect the body from adverse effects.

E.g. Soft, light-coloured, and cool clothes should be selected in summer. Thick, warm, and dark or bright coloured clothes should be selected for the winter season. In the monsoon season, one should select such clothes that can dry up quickly and are wrinkle-free. For example, garments from nylon fabric can be suitable in the rainy season. A person cannot wear the same type of clothes in different climatic conditions. So, the selection of clothing is dependent and influenced by environmental factors.

Protection from extreme conditions

In some places, there are extreme weather conditions like too cold, too hot, too rainy, or chilling wind, etc. So, to protect the body from such extreme climatic conditions, one should select the clothing accordingly.

Unusual places

Some unusual places like underwater, space, etc. need some special featured clothing.

Physiological Factor

The physiological factor affects the selection of clothing of a person. It includes many factors like – age of a person, strength level, body type and structure, activity level, etc.


Clothing selection is affected by an important factor i.e. age of a person. Different types of clothes are available with a variety of fabrics, styles, cut, patterns, colours, etc. for the different age groups. The clothes selection should be suitable and according to age like – infants, toddlers, school-going children, teenagers, adults, and old people, etc.

Body Type

Every person has a different and unique figure. The selection of clothes should be according to the body type of a person. All types of garments cannot be suitable for all. So it is necessary to choose clothes as per the body type to highlight specific body features and to conceal some flaws.

Some are tall, some are short, some have normal height and body width, some are fat, some are thin. So, the selection of a garment should be based on the figure type of an individual.

For example, to look taller one should wear plain or single coloured clothes with vertical lines. Similarly to create an illusion of less height one should wear two or multi-coloured clothes with horizontal lines.

Other Factors

Some of the other factors like the personality of an individual, fashion in the market, celebrity influence, media, television, advertisements, etc. are also important factors that affect the clothing selection.


Various personal aspects like- nature, values, beliefs, ethics, etc. reflects the personality of an individual. Different people have different unique personalities and their choice of clothing gets affected by it. For example, an introverted personality may like to wear cool, sober, simple type of clothes. Whereas, an extrovert person may like bold colours, large prints, and patterns, etc.


Fashion is a very essential factor that influences clothing selection. Usually, people like to follow fashion and to wear the latest, stylish and trendy clothes.


Celebrities have a great impact on the mind and choices of people. Celebrities include – television actors and actresses, Bollywood celebrities, political leaders, sportspersons, singers, etc. The choices of people for clothing selection get influenced by celebrities. Celebrities endorse the ads nowadays that ultimately affect people’s clothing choices.

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